The intrinsic flexibility combined with the spirit of Innovation in every aspect of products and services - from the very stage of design to implementation and customer support is the focus at netBIOS.

The ability to create, visualize and think from the customer’s point of view are just few of the elements that aid in delivering the best possible solutions against a business, technical or promotional need.

Vision, skills, expertise and professionalism combined with a foresight to gauge and accommodate change and a hindsight to deliver to the Delight of a Customer; places the solutions at a competitive edge.

Today, netBIOS has the following to its credit:

  • 900+ websites designed and delivered across the three continents in diverse domains
  • 6+ software products wholly developed in-house
  • 100+ Software Installations
  • 50+ Logos for national & international clientele
  • 100+ Web Applications Deployments
  • 1000+ brochures/corporate communications that really sell
  • And couple of end-to- end Portfolio Consultancy where we Brand, Develop & integrate software, website, advertise & promote, help maintain IT infrastructure, even arrange a photo shoot, if need be.