Software Solutions

Our mission is to always provide innovative and cost-effective software solutions that address your business goals and enhance productivity and performance. And we are not talking about some readymade off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all software products.

Software Solutions

  • remedi: Hospital Management System
  • mercato: Retail Store Management
  • ENTERPRO: ERP for Manufacturing companies
  • Fintune: Finance and Budgeting Software
  • Wright Vision: Flight Information Display System
  • Club Maestro: Hospitality / Club Management System
  • Park Management System
  • eProfiler Ver 1.0: Human Resource Management System
  • jobSuite Ver 1.0: Placement Management System
  • mediaPRO: News, Events & Photo Archiving System
  • SeekJobz: Resume Management Application
  • Tour Management Software
  • Data Synchronization Software
  • File Transfer System
  • ConnectSales: Sales Management Software
  • FAST: Finance Allocation on Simplified Terms

Customized Solutions

  • Customer Relation Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Tour Management System
  • Inter Branch Communication
  • Intranet Solutions
  • Project Manager
  • Discussion Forum

Data Synchronization

  • Multi-Branch File Transfer to Head Office
  • Data Synchronization from Local Application to Web
  • One-way Data Synchronization Module
  • Real Time Flight Information
  • Data Transfer System for Report Generation

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