Web Solutions

We understand the power of the Internet, and tailor-make dynamic web applications, aesthetic website designs and sit-up-and-take-notice web promotions that help take your business places.

We provide web services to corporates, small and medium businesses, non-profit organizations, and even individuals who want their own personal website.

Our Web Services include:

  • Website Designing 
  • Website Development 
  • Website Hosting & Maintenance 
  • Website Promotions

Web Designing 

  • Website Interface & Content 
  • Graphical User Interface 
  • Static Websites (HTML) 
  • Dynamic Websites (PHP, ASP, ASP.Net) 
  • Multilingual Websites 
  • Flash-based Websites 
  • Portals & Vortals

Web Development 

  • Content Management System 
  • Banner Management System 
  • Newsletter Management System 
  • E-Commerce: Shopping Cart & Payment Gateway
    • Yahoo Store Integration
    • Custom Web Applications

Web Hosting & Maintenance

  • Domain Registration & Web Hosting
    • Windows server with ASP.NET, ASP 4 support and MS SQL Server 2000 with WebSQL Console
    • Linux server with PHP & MYSQL support 
  • Maintenance 
    • Annual Maintenance Contract 
    • Content & Design Updates / Support
    • Site Redesign / Upgrades

Web Promotions 

  • e-Brochures
  • e-Mailers 
  • Newsletters 
  • Coupons / Gift Vouchers 
  • Web Banners 
  • Search Engine Optimization

Here on the edge of the twenty-first century, a fundamental new rule of business is that the Internet changes everything.
- Bill Gates
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