With a long-standing experience in the digital marketplace and years of valuable insight gained from developing and delivering effective solutions to blue-chip companies in India and abroad, netBIOS offers much more than just any e-business or IT Company. We provide interactive designs and tools, web and software solutions, besides a host of other specialized or custom-made solutions, all with the accent on quality.

We have invested our time and people more so to ensure that you have systems and tools very much in place and functioning well, at all times. And everything that we do is focused around sharpening the core skills required to create flawless technology and high-efficiency systems.

Our core skills
Developing integrated solutions by analyzing the real picture, discerning the need of the hour and recommending the most cost-effective and long-term solutions.

Our solutions
Web Solutions, such as Static Sites, Dynamic Websites integrated with Content
Management System, Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway, et cetera
Software Development, Implementation and Support
Information Management Solutions, such as Intranet, Data Synchronization,
Multimedia, Customized Solutions, et cetera


Our domain expertise
Some of our domains of expertise include:
Information Technology


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