Our pilot services include the following -

u Software Development
u E-process Re-engineering
u Business Process Inte
u Web Enabled Work Environment
u Intranet
u Web promotion
u Content Development
u Multimedia
u Print Design

Our solutions are divided in to two different sectors and are handled by two different teams. One consists of the technical teams and the second consists of highly skilled feasibility experts. The feasibility experts do the client interaction and suggest the most apt methodology of a solution. The technical team goes ahead to make them.

The technical capabilities of the team include: Asp XML, Wap, turbo C

The feasibility analysis has expertise gathered from working across a cross section of business environments, right from financial and HR consultancies to areas including advertising and Public Relations.

Technical consultancy: All business concerns operating in the modern world have to update their business processes, philosophies and goals to enable them to become leaders in their respective fields.
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