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 Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines (SEs) are usually of two types, Spider Indexed and Human Indexed. Spider Indexed search engines are the more popular ones such as,, etc. SEO optimization techniques executed on the websites usually works only with spider indexed search engines. For human indexed search engines, it is more important to manually submit the website listing into human indexing directories to increase the chance to listing in the SEs. Some of the more popular SEO techniques are listed below:
The first step towards optimizing the site is the identification of keywords for the site. Usually about 5 main keywords are identified. While selecting keywords be sure to check the competition against each keyword since there would be a greater chance to getting in the listing if the current sites that come up in the SEs when searching a keyword has a lower page ranking and hit count.
Based on the keywords, proper Meta tags need to be created in the site. The content will also need to be rich in the identified keywords without hampering the aesthetics involved in the presentation. Repetition of keywords in a discreet manner will ensure that the indexing spiders place more importance to the page.
For better page ranking in search engines such as google, inbound and outbound traffic are an important area. You can register with sites such as,, and exchange links between the sites to increase your page ranking. Please check out the about sites as well as their services so that you can develop an opinion as to which service you would like in the site.

The link exchange links can be placed in a separate page dedicated to the same, so that they do not hamper the design and content in the site. Another effective measure is the banner exchange schemes, but they will force you to sport banners of other sites in your web pages.

Human indexing directories are also visited by spider indexed SEs for checking ranking and listing options. Human directories like Dmoz, Alexa etc are popular among these. One process of the SEO implementation would be to register the site under various such directories for a better ranking prospect.
 Doorway pages
Doorway pages are ones that are created not for the human users but for the indexing spiders. They are kind of a sitemap and usually linked from the homepage, but they are created as hidden links that are usually not easily located by human visitors. Instead the search spider that indexes the site will be able to quickly locate the same and will traverse the same and index the pages. Creating doorway pages provide the advantage of adding a lot of keywords into the pages since human users will not be expected to access the page.

Also keep in mind that of late some search engines have been reputed to banning and removing doorway paged sites from their listings. This has neither been proved nor disproved so far. We would recommend currently implementing the rest of the SEO techniques and leaving out doorway pages for the present.

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