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Sales Force Automation
Industry: Banking and Finance

The Scenario
A Leading NBFC , with over 130 branches across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and other parts of the country, was having a hard time managing extensive data from the various units in an efficient, cost-effective and time-bound manner. More specifically, mining such data for relevant and informed decisions such as performance analysis, etc., became a growing cause of worry. They had to rely on conventional media such as couriers and posts to transfer data between the individual branches and the head office, which was both time-consuming and an expensive affair. 
The Need
We identified a dire need for an application that would aid in the easy transfer of data and help in organizing the network of field executives, coordinators, client relations officers, accounts personnel, managers and other staff, giving them the access key to relevant information, with the least overheads possible. The application needed to aid decision-making by providing reports and charts for easy comprehension. 
The netBIOS Solution
We arrived at internet being the best platform for such an application, due to its accessibility from any remote location. Since the field executives would require updating their daily work report, the choice was merely incidental. Roles were defined, ambiguities ironed out of the system and a well defined flow charted out, in association with the concerned employees. Our solution included a web-based module as well as a desktop application. The desktop application was to be installed at the head office for the use of Managers and other senior staff. Updations could be made on both systems with synchronization of information done automatically on a periodic basis. 
The Application
Identifying the target audience, their usage patterns and their varied levels in the process, a system was designed to enable easy and quick access to the required information. Value-added tools such as alerts and reminders ensured that work was being done on time, every time. The desktop application helped save time because data could be accessed without having to stay connected all the time. The web module helped field executives and other officers on the move to have access to the information network and update their status. 
The Result
On successful implementation of the web and desktop applications, information that otherwise took days to be prepared and accessed, was available in a matter of minutes. The management could access all necessary information easily, without the assistance of subordinates. They could view decision-making reports such as the cost of joining each customer, the duration from a customer’s registration until their closure etc. Each branch manager could check on the status of every customer within their territory, from anywhere, at anytime. The coordinators could track the status of a customer since enrolling under a scheme until the closure of the same. The field executives could get automated alerts on appointments and other details, enabling them to enhance their performance and therefore contribute significantly to the sales process

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