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PARK - Game Reserve/Park Management System

Wildlife and Nature reserves are one of the greatest tourist attractions the world over. Often, these lack any or have minimal integrated software management. The condition has a severe shortfall as the employees of the park are involved in tedious paperwork when they could use their efforts for actual protection or maintenance work.

PARK is an integrated software management for the parks and reserves increasing the productivity of the people and ensuring better transparent service for the people

Benefits of PARK

  • Categorized entry for person & vehicles: Reserves across the world have entry rules different for the national and the international tourist.  verification and issuance of tickets across the different types of visitors is made simple by PARK 
  • Integrated management of multiple entry points: At any given point of time, reserves and certain types of amusement rides have an allotted allowed number of people. Multiple entry points can be managed easily with PARK.
  • Helps in reconciliation of accounts at the end of each day: The accounts have tobe reconciled to various heads, a tedious work which is simplified by PARK 
  • Online Booking for tourist camps & lodges: The various facilities may be booked online through the system 
  • Online Booking for tour packages: Tour packages which need not necessarily include accommodation and which include such facilities may be booked through PARK online.
  •  Online Reports of the day’s activities:The authorities concerned can review reports from a remote location.
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