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CLUB MAESTRO - Club Management System

The multi pronged activities of a club demand a multi level management to function properly and profitably. Club Maestro helps to ease smooth functioning of the club ensuring the best for the member keeping a continuous track of services provided and facilities availed.

Easy to deploy and operate, Club Maestro pools in information from different points in an integrated manner that goes a long way into making any club or shared hospitality a better managed place. The package revolves mostly around a bar coded membership card for each member.

Benefits of Club maestro

  • Restricted Entry: The various facilities of the club may be utilized only after checking in by swiping the bar-coded membership card. Entry is subject to management decisions on each member. Members may be disallowed access.
  • Welcome Screen: Members are welcomed to the club the ‘Welcome’ screen which is used to flash news if any, and the credit balance on the membership card.
  • Auto debit: The facilities availed are charged against a pre decided credit limit for the member. The process gets locked when the credit limit is exceeded.
  • Online Reports: Members get the advantage of checking the credit balance online. The same balance is displayed in the welcome screen of the club.
  • Online Booking: Accommodation/space facilities and food may be booked in advance online. The payments may be made online or offline as desired.
  • Order linked to stock: The system accepts orders at the restaurants/bars only after checking against available stock of ingredients. This helps to curb mismanagement of resources.
  • Bulk SMS: The system is flexible and insightful. Taking into account the mobility of its members, a facility of Bulk SMS is incorporated into the software. For any news, urgent messages to the members or information to be dispersed, bulk SMS may be sent.
  • Affiliate Management: Clubs and shared hospitality often have affiliates elsewhere. The members of such affiliate clubs are at times guests to a club in question. Management of services and facilities availed in such instances by the affiliate member or his/her guest is easier to manage with Club Maestro.
  • Cash Card: Much like a traveller’s cheque, members or affiliate club members can use this prepaid card facility for utilizing the club facility and it helps to keep accounts. Loss of a card or card limit is addressed with this solution.
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