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INSTELL - Student Management System

This innovative package for Institutes, colleges and centre of education spans the total life cycle of the student vis - a - vis the centre. The modules encompass enquiry, admissions, course details, examinations, fees, placement tests and placements.

Education & Training centres across disciplines cater to various aspects of education and prospective training. Today, the onus on the centre for the performance and placement of the students is more than ever. This type of responsibility can be shouldered only when right set of systems are in place to achieve desired knowledge base of the students, their strengths and the scope of betterment in each. Extremely useful for institutions involved in education and training in any field of study, Instell can be used for any type of learning, across borders.

Benefits of Instell

  • Information Mine: As the system is part of day to day performance and activities of the student, it is a veritable source of information related to each critical aspect of the student.
  • Integrated Finance Management: An institute runs on different planes when it comes to financial management. Instell takes care of different modes of income and expenditure in a synchronized manner and is able to generate reports to assess the financial health of the centre at any point of time.
  • Online MIS Reports for field counselors, coordinators and consultants: Remote management of the various types of people a centre associates with is dealt simply with the software where MIS reports can be sent in easily, online
  • Referral management for students: Referrals work as incentives to many students who stand to gain fee discounts and other attractive packages.
  • Placement coordination: Getting placement for students includes many aspects like recruiter management, student screening and placement tests. Instell helps you manage and coordinate in a more time saving and effective mannner
  • Advertisements tracking: To be more aggressive in the marketing of any course or Institute, advertisements and media play a great role. Instell also collects information from students, recruiters and others to keep track of the best initiatives in the adspend.

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