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ENTERPRO - Manufacturing ERP solution

As industries and business grow, enterprises are faced with many challenges. Growing numbers and larger span of operations call for integrated management incorporated with provision to increase productivity, inculcate responsibility and accountability in the work force. Easier said than done, this finds many obstacles to be exercised. 

Enterpro makes the execution easier and transparent. It encompasses all the activities in an industry or business. The modules include:

  • Security (inward & outward tracking) module
  • Inventory
  • Quality inspection
  • Stores Management
  • Financial Management
  • Production Management
  • IDS (Information Display System) integration
  • Marketing Management 
  • Sales Management 
  • HR Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Online MIS

Benefits of Enterpro

  • Production streamlined with Display system to show assembly  status
  • MIS Reports from field personnel which help to plan further product mix and production capacity
  • Multi centre and multi level management of payroll and human resources 
  • Online reports of exact figures of production and sales
  • Real time SMS for entry level income
  • Better management of inventory with option of auto sales request generation.

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