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REMEDI - Hospital Management System (HMS)

Remedi is an Integrated Hospital Management System developed exclusively for hospital management and administration. A powerful but user-friendly software, Remedi is capable of executing a variety of functions.

The operations of Remedi involves the following modules –

  • Reception
  • Patient Registration 
  • Drug Store
  • Pharmacy Outlet
  • Patient Admission 
  • Patient Discharge
  • Lab Billing 
  • Lab Result 
  • HR Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Financial Management
  • General Store
  • House Keeping & Laundry
  • MIS

In other words it is a comprehensive ERP for a hospital which deals with nearly the entire working process of the hospital.

Remedi can be installed and operated with the minimum efforts and least complications. What is more, each of the modules in Remedi can be customized and modified to concur with the hospital rules and policies.

Benefits of Remedi
Remedi proves itself useful to all those concerned- the management, the doctors, the patients and the staff.

A few of the many helpful features of Remedi are:

  • Patient card printing – either in plastic card or in paper card
  • Doctor-wise token printing for patients
  • Cross consultation – between junior and senior doctors
  • Day close process from all the modules to Finance department
  • Automatic chart requisition in MRD (Medical Records Department)
  • Maintaining the morbidity rate – allocation of ICD coding while IP discharge 
  • Casualty and MLC (Medico Legal Case) records filing 
  •  Automatic purchase order processing and preparing the supplier order
  • Maintenance of free quantity and allocating to stock
  • Alerting module to get the expiry medicines
  • Short code allocation for medicine selection while sales
  • Outlet-wise stock filtering for all the medicines
  • Re-order, maximum and minimum quantity settings
  • ABC, XYZ and FSD analysis
  • Creation of real time online medical reports of patients
  • Online health monitoring of patients for doctors 
  • Mobile phone alerts for doctors when the health of a patient deteriorates or becomes critical
  • Up-to-date health and account status reports for the relatives-online as well as through mobile alerts
  • Self-generated settlement for doctors at the end of every month
  • Online Payment for doctors with option for the mode of money transfer
  • Automatic purchase order generation for pharmacy and store

System Requirements
The following are the essentials for Remedi to operate:

Software Requirements
Operating Systems- Windows 2000 and above
Software requirements- Oracle/ MS SQL Server

Hardware Requirements
Minimum Server Configuration- P IV, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD
Minimum Client Configuration- PIII, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD


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