Resources and Tools
Content Management System
A user-friendly and customizable Content Management System (CMS) that looks like a typical word processor, and allows you to add, delete, edit or format content on the website. The CMS allows real-time and instant updation of content, from anywhere in the world.
Online Shopping / Reservation
A secure system to enable Online Shopping and Online Reservation, integrated with a Payment Gateway to accept online Payments.
Authorized Access
A secure system for websites, to ensure that only the authorized personnel can access the specific areas on the website.
Data Management / Synchronization
An application that allows data synchronization between offline and online systems.
Creative Workshop
bios, the creative division of netBIOS, provides a wide range of creative solutions including: Website Designing, Multimedia Presentations, Print & Production, Branding, Advertising & Promotions.
Our Rent-a-Lab facility allows clients from India and abroad to rent a team of people and machines at netBIOS, therefore maximizing product output and minimizing costs for the client.
Use the strategic advantage of specialized skills and resources from netBIOS, to overcome escalating costs, insufficient IT resources, high attrition rates and increasing user dissatisfaction within the organization.

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