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WRIGHT VISION - Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

Brand : Wright Vision
Product : Flight Information Display System (FIDS)
Industry : Aviation / Airport

Flight Information is absolutely crucial for air passengers, travellers and service providers. A Flight Information Display System needs to ensure that Flight Information be displayed properly, accurately and explicitly on any type of display media. Precision, easy accessibility and 24/7/365 uptime are merely incidental.

Wright Vision Flight Information Display System, as the name rightly suggests, is a sophisticated system that enables display of real time flight information (flight arrivals / departures) on Split Flap Flight Information Display Boards, LCD or LED Boards, Plasma Screens and TV Monitors at Domestic and International Terminals at Airports.

Developed by netBIOS Technologies, a leading Information Management Company based in Kerala, India, having its offices in Karnataka, USA, Middle East and Malaysia, Wright Vision is a comprehensive traveller-friendly Flight Information Display System (FIDS) that works right - in the right time and the right place.

It is easily configurable, easy to operate, automated with minimal manual entry and can handle any type of display media. With innovative display concepts and customisable screens, the FIDS takes into account regional and language barriers, and provides multi-lingual support. With a user-friendly display system, it serves as a comprehensible and ready reckoner for flight information, for passengers / travellers / service providers from around the world.

The FIDS has provision for automatic scheduling of daily flights from a pre-defined seasonal schedule. Real time flight information is also synchronized with the website and updated automatically, which allows passenger / travellers to access the system for accurate information, from anywhere in the world, at anytime. The system is presently functional at Cochin International Airport, Kerala, India.

Information Display

  • Flight, Delay, Check-in or Boarding Information
  • General Information to Passengers
  • Seasonal Flight Schedules / Timetables
  • Automatic Scheduling of Daily Flight from pre-defined seasonal schedule
  • Manual Flight Scheduling
  • Display can also be used to provide Travel / Tourist Information or for Advertising, to enhance market opportunities


  • Split Flap Display Integration
  • Video Display Facility for Advertisements
  • Integration with Gate Display
  • TV Display option
  • Integration with ADAS (Automatic Digital Announcement System)
  • Multi-lingual Language Support
  • Latest News Display option
  • Weather Display of the Destination Country
  • World Time
  • Website Integration for Online Information Update
  • Customizable Screens to create your own environment
  • Powerful Page Editing Tools
  • Facility to Prefix Greeting and Seasonal Messages
  • Flexible, Adaptable and Scaleable

Technical Specification

Operating System : MS Windows Server 2003
Database : Microsoft SQL Server
Programming Languages : VB.NET
Product Type(s) : Software

Main server and standby servers enabled for live updating

netBIOS Technologies offers consulting services on FIDS to meet individual airport requirements. With an experienced creative team, information displays can be designed to conform to existing corporate identity guidelines.

The features listed above are merely indicative. To know more about the product, do get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to be of further assistance to you.

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